Usage staking feature


Staking is an investment method to increase the number of tokens you are holding.



How to

  1. Click Staking in the menu

  2. Click the + Create Staking button

  3. Choose a token or currency, periods, and enter the amount of the token.

  4. Click the Stake Now! button and confirm.

Withdraw Profit

When you create Staking successfully, the information about your Staking will display below Packages

To withdraw profit, you need to make sure your estimate of profit great than 0. Click the Withdraw Profit button and confirm in your wallet application.

Withdraw Investment

Withdraw Investment

When the term of the Staking expires, you can request to withdraw the principal by clicking the "Withdraw Investment" button.

Early Withdraw Investment

You can also withdraw before the term of the Staking at any time, but you are subject to an early withdrawal fee. By clicking on the "Early Withdraw Investment" button and confirming

  • Early Withdraw Investment: 10% of the amount Staking


When you withdraw investment, profits that have not been withdrawn will be transferred to the profit wallet


After your investment bots package expires, you can also reinvest if you want, by clicking on the "Reinvest" button in your staking, a modal will appear, then you need to choose a new cycle and click reinvest.


Minimum Invest


50,000 ATM

500 USDT


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