Corporate Ladder

Referral Mechanism is our project highlight and this is a firm foundation between us and brokers corporation. For brokers following convenience, we apply a ranking system as below:
  • Sharer: Have to name them are workaholic cuz they’re very passionate in sharing Start your work with Sharer Badge
  • Apprentice: It is first step that is troublesome, but we love their motivation Just invest 100$, you are now Apprentice
  • Maker: That person is really potential and having a huge ambitious You must be an Apprentice, then have 10F1 in your system, and each F1 has invested from 500$. In addition, has any 2 branches reach total revenue is $30k, you will get the Maker badge
  • Master: Experience is the best teacher. Keeping steady in your daily job, you gonna be versed in this field soon When you have 2 Maker in your downline, you will get the Master badge
  • Entrepreneur: He has wrapped up his work for continuous 10.000 working hours. He’s now on the top of the laurel he’s always dreamed of. Getting 2 Master in your downline, congratulation!!, you have reached the top ladder of Athos Meta - Entrepreneur badge
Each level has a profound and meaningful badge, no matter if you are a sharer or have reached to the highest levels - Entrepreneur, you will get a badge for your strong spirit and continuous effort from Athos Meta.