๐Ÿ’ฑCorporate Ladder

ATHOS META CORPORATE LADDER: Referral Mechanism is our project highlight and this is a firm foundation between us and brokers corporation. For brokers following convenience, we apply a ranking system as below:

  • Sharer: Have to name them are workaholic cuz theyโ€™re very passionate in sharing Start your work with Sharer Badge

  • Apprentice: It is first step that is troublesome, but we love their motivation Just invest 100$, you are now Apprentice

  • Maker: That person is really potential and having a huge ambitious You must be an Apprentice, then have 10F1 in your system, and each F1 has invested from 500$. In addition, has any 2 branches reach total revenue is $30k, you will get the Maker badge

  • Master: Experience is the best teacher. Keeping steady in your daily job, you gonna be versed in this field soon When you have 2 Maker in your downline, you will get the Master badge

  • Entrepreneur: He has wrapped up his work for continuous 10.000 working hours. Heโ€™s now on the top of the laurel heโ€™s always dreamed of. Getting 2 Master in your downline, congratulation!!, you have reached the top ladder of Athos Meta - Entrepreneur badge

  • The Legend: The greatest and craziest dream, the empire of financial freedom and a noble lifestyle become a reality. You now are an inevitable piece of us that obtains all privileges and the hearted esteem from the company and people surrounding you. What an obvious sense to say that you are genuinely the winner of the contest name Athos Meta Success Olympic. Having 2 Entrepreneurs in your downline, you are now The Legend

Each level has a profound and meaningful badge, no matter if you are a sharer or have reached to the highest levels - Entrepreneur, you will get a badge for your strong spirit and continuous effort from Athos Meta.

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