Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I made a deposit but not seen my balance updated?

Usually, The load commands will be processed immediately, but sometimes there will be errors that cause them to be processed longer than usual. You can wait or confirm with us directly by Right on the Wallets page, and clicking on "Your deposit missing?", a modal will appear, and you fill in the transaction hash and confirm, If the order is valid, the system will process it for you right away.

Why is the withdrawal order pending?

Our system approves withdrawals automatically, within seconds to up to 30 minutes. Some large withdrawal orders will be checked manually, so the waiting time will be longer than usual, usually no more than 24 working hours.

Why is the withdrawal order rejected?

Your account has violated our policies, please contact us for more details.

Why don't get any commission from the deposit?

Our commission policy only rewards when your downline makes an investment or receives a profit.

What are the conditions to level up?

You can visit here for more details.

Why are ATM prices and dollar estimates different?

  • The price of the ATM that you can see (in the topbar, sidebar, swap, or price chart) is the price that has been charged for the transaction.

  • The price to use for dollar estimation excludes transaction fees (dollar estimate of the wallets, dollar estimate of the bot, ...).

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