Yield Farms allow users to earn $ATM while supporting Athos Meta by staking LP Tokens.

What you like about Athos Yield Farming:

  • Attractive rates of APR range from 62.88% to 164.76%

  • APR of 107.04% on stablecoins

  • No lock-up period

  • Great reputation

  • Fully decentralized platform

  • Automatically earn interest on supported tokens

  • Withdraw your tokens at any time

  • No penalties on withdrawals

  • Deposit funds in crypto or US dollars

  • Perfect for beginners

  • Supports more than 250+ coins

Find out the sustainable APY for pairs coin in the table below:

Why does AThos Meta choose 5 of these coins to get paired with ATM?

During the process of farming platform development, we did a lot of calculation in choosing coins that can be paired with $ATM, and finally we chose 5 coins namely : BNB, BUSD UNI, CAKE, NEAR with reason as follows:

  • These are coins that have a good reputation and bring real value to the crypto community

  • Each coin represents a solid project that can set a new trend in this market.

  • They have raised steadily since launched, and now still maintain a stable value in the downtrend season

With all reason aboved, We strongly believe that, when the uptrend season comes back, these coins will recover and grow quickly, helping investors make huge profits from Athos Meta's farming platform.

Reward calculations

Yield Farm APR calculations include both:

  • LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity and;

  • Farm base rewards APR earned staking LP Tokens in the Farm.

Why? Because when you stake your LP tokens in a farm to earn an $ATM, you're still providing liquidity to the liquidity pool, so you earn LP rewards as well!

Calculating Farm Base Reward APR

The Farm Base APR is calculated according to the farm multiplier and the total amount of liquidity in the farm -- this is the amount of ATM distributed to the farm.

Calculating LP Reward APR

On top of that, farmers receive LP rewards for providing liquidity.

Note: Farming with Athos Meta, you can withdraw any time without paying a fee..

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