๐Ÿ’ฒReferral Program

This project apply ONLY 1 REFERRAL MECHANISM FOR ALL 4 FUNCTIONS THAT OWNING VERY ATTRACTIVE RATIO 7/3 : 7 for investor and 3 for 10 levels of broker system that definitely satisfy the most savage one.

  • 70% will be returned to investorโ€™s wallet ( This 70% is withdrawn in $ATM or USD)

  • The remaining 30% is used to share to brokers ( This 30% is also withdrawn in $ATM or USD). We will explain this 30% by โ€œStart-Up from Zero programโ€ for brokers with Athos Meta

There is a tiny different commission calculation among them as follow:

  • For those invest in Bot Trade, the commission will be reckoned by WIN ORDERS

  • For those who choose to join a Farming, Staking platform or play Fishing Game, the earning will be calculated by DAILY TOTAL PROFIT.

Be noted that: The more the merrier, the more people join in your system, the more revenue you can earn! Because we apply only 1 referral mechanism for all 4 feature, so that this time we will learn shortly about each function before analyzing the referral mechanism deeper


There are 6 levels: Sharer (L1), Apprentice ( L2), Maker (L3), Master ( L4), Entrepreneur (L5), and The Legend (L6)

3 types of commission for brokers:

  • Commission of Bot Trade: apply 7/3 ratio from the winning order as usual. Farming and Staking: 50%( F1+F2+...+Fn) formula from the downline profit.

  • System commission/ Bonus: L3 - L4 - L5 - L6 = 0.5% - 1% - 1.5% - 2%. These bonuses are rewards for leaders who meet company targets and group sales and will be distributed to leaders' wallets in the first part of the month.

  • Co-Level Bonuses: L3 - L4 - L5 - L6 = 0.5% - 1% - 1.5% - 2%. This bonus is raised when having a breakaway line and brokers who are at the same level will get the profit line divided evenly and sent to the broker's wallet in the early months.

Example: (A:5 = Investor A had level 5)

A:5->B:5->C:4->D:4->E:5->F:4->G:3->H:3->I:3->K:2->L:2->M:2->N:1->O:1, O invested 10k

  • System bonus: O invested $10k, Iโ€™s revenue: +$10k

  • I reached L3 will get 0.5% from system revenue = $10k*0.5%=$50

  • H G are the same level but canโ€™t take system revenue from I line

  • F gets $100, but I already took $50, F gets now only $50

  • E gets $150 but F already got $100, E now takes $50 rest.

  • Co-Level Bonuses: I=H=G=level 3, F=D=C=level 4, E=B=A=level 5

  • I H G get 0.5% from I line that is divided evenly to I H G

  • F D C get 1% from F line after Iโ€™s revenue line is deducted from F line and divided evenly to F D C

  • E B A get 1.5% from E line after Fโ€™s revenue line is deducted from E line and divided evenly to E B A

A:5->B:5->C:4->D:4->E:5->F:4->G:3->H:3->I:3->K:2->L:2->M:2->N:1->O:1->P:5->Q:3->R:1, R invested 10k

  • System bonus: Q now is a qualified level 3, R invested $10k, Qโ€™s group sale now: $10k

  • Q get 0.5%, Q bonus = $50

  • P get 1.5%, P bonus = $150 but Q took $50, so, P bonus now: $100

  • All previous brokers level are lower or equal to P so that no one will get % from system bonus

  • Co-Level Bonuses: Q I H G level 3, F D C level 4, P E B A level 5

  • Q I H G get 0.5% from Q bonus

  • F D C get 1% from ( F-Q) bonus

  • P E B A get 1.5% from ( E-F) bonus

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