Referral Program

Athos Meta Referral Mechanism
This project apply ONLY 1 REFERRAL MECHANISM FOR ALL 4 FUNCTIONS THAT OWNING VERY ATTRACTIVE RATIO 7/3 : 7 for investor and 3 for 10 levels of broker system that definitely satisfy the most savage one.
  • 70% will be returned to investor’s wallet ( This 70% is withdrawn in $ATM or USD)
  • The remaining 30% is used to share to brokers ( This 30% is also withdrawn in $ATM or USD). We will explain this 30% by “Start-Up from Zero program” for brokers with Athos Meta
There is a tiny different commission calculation among them as follow:
  • For those invest in Bot Trade, the commission will be reckoned by WIN ORDERS
  • For those who choose to join a Farming, Staking platform or play Fishing Game, the earning will be calculated by DAILY TOTAL PROFIT.
Ex: For Bot Trade function: It has winning orders worth 1000 USD, 70% of 1000 USD is 700 USD will be sent to the investor's wallet. The remaining 300 USD will be paid for 10 levels of broker systems.
Be noted that: The more the merrier, the more people join in your system, the more revenue you can earn! Because we apply only 1 referral mechanism for all 4 feature, so that this time we will learn shortly about each function before analyzing the referral mechanism deeper