NFT Game - Play to Earn

"Be an outstanding sniper with Athos Meta Fish Gaming" - Each player is a legend by choosing the best fishing gun and state-of-the-art weapons to go and catch fish. Stress is away and money is around!

FishingGame is never dull since you can always ask your actual friends to join you in the game and hunt loot from the treasure island of blockchain. Welcome on board, our snipers!

FishingGame magical fish and NFT gun assets will accompany you to the future Metaverse, battling other players and safeguarding you from its hazards. Fishing Game is a simple game for everyone, and it does not require a lot of effort to play.

Athos Meta's fish shooting game is a P2E model, the more you play, the more $ATM you earn.

We have established many rooms for users' hobbies. Different rooms have different items, different gun levels, and corresponding rewards.

In particular, we designed some super rooms!!. This is very exciting and has a lot of rewards in this room. Trying to become an impressive sniper and be well equipped with your gun by the number of pricey items, you will be qualified to join in this kind of room.

Playing Game Guideline:

  • Owning some $ATM to buy BOX

  • Use $ATM to buy boxes and open it to find out NFTโ€™s - NFT in this game means guns, upgrading itemsโ€ฆ

  • Choose the room you like and letโ€™s rock!

  • Upgrading your skills, your weapons to join in our super room to get more $ATM

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