๐ŸŽฃFishing Game Speciality

Welcome to Fishing Game of Athos Meta - a shooting game powered by the blockchain platform, cryptocurrency and NFT cannon guns which give you the most exciting experience based on the Play to Earn , Fish to Earn model.

Our promise comes true!! We now bring users a completely new upgraded version with eye-catching vivid graphics, a great combination of color and sound, along with extremely valuable rewards so that every moment you join the game will be an unforgettable one. What are you waiting for to experience it!!

Inspired by the battle between the ancient people Tribetira and the powerful Aqua Dragon to take over the eternal river. Our game is a charming landscape with rivers, lakes going along the pure water, or a panoramic view of the ocean with waves. Players have a chance to be immersed in the fresh, beautiful, and poetic nature. Now, we will take a deeper look to find out more special things about the Athos Meta game.

Compared to the other versions already out there, we do not use fishing rods due to the lack of stimulation which reduces players' enthusiasm. We need more passion and solid spirit, therefore we will use guns with much modern equipment to hunt rare fishes instead of boring rods. Just having a gun beside you, you can start your adventure whenever you want. The more fish you shoot, the more ATM tokens you will acquire, the more valuable rare fish you can take, and the more pricey reward you earn. We are sure you will go crazy in happiness when seeing the rewards flowing into your wallet.

We have up to 30 different types of fish, all of them are mobile gold bars, your mission is to take the gun barrels up and harvest your loot right away. However, please always be sober that these fish are very smart and wise, they have been trained to avoid your traps, so try to upgrade your gun to be a hundred shoots, a hundred bullโ€™s eyes.

Moreover, there is a wide range of cannon guns with different power and types for your choosing. You will get new NFT guns from the box infinitely, the more boxes you open, the more valuable cannons and bullet shells you earn to upgrade your weapon. We also create special rooms for you and your team, organize large-scale fish shooting events with many valuable rewards. Sharpen your skill and join competition and win the championship.

Fish shooting is a legendary game that has been very popular with all ages for a long time. However, our concept of shooting fish from Athos Meta is more updated with trends. A Play to Earn game model is built on the blockchain platform, which means the more you play, the bigger the ATM token prize you get, creating a significant source of income for you. In addition, this gaming function is also one of the 4 main functions of the Athos Meta ecosystem applying a reward mechanism for investors and brokers. Besides the profits you make from playing the game, you can build your system and receive 10 levels of commission from your downline.

People say that A picture is worth a thousand words. Please own some ATM coins to start your journey to conquer the new goals. This document provides all the details about the Athos Meta P2E game. We hope you have a pleasant experience!

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