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EA + AI Bot Trade

Auto Bot Trade Version 1

Last update 01/06/2022

Auto Bot Trade Version 2

Last update 11/06/2022

Auto Bot Trade Version 3

Update 07/2022 Read more from page 10 - 14: https://athos-meta.io/bluepaper/Bluepaper_English.pdf


Paused all versions of the 2nd generation AI Bot Trade at this moment and implement the 3rd powerful generation AI Bot Trade in the whole of Athos Meta system as follows:


Succeed to the 2nd generation essence, this 3rd still applies the Margin strategy only x5 leverage for users' asset safety go well with on-chain indicators, long/short-term market elucidation tools, and utilizes more than 100 analysis index devices. Especially, this new generation of Bot Trade applies the undefeatable formula that stands still in front of all kinds of the financial crisis with reciprocal venture plans and accelerates the CEX and Athos Meta system interaction through the optimal API

The reciprocal venture is used to make a trading couple similar but opposite order position to Investment Fund. Takeprofit ( TP) and Stoploss (SL) indexes are set automatically and close right after the order has a profit. Even though the profit may not be too large with each order, You wonโ€™t ever get lost by practicing this method

Example: Using x5 margin and analysis tools to get the most suitable order position.

  • Reciprocal Venture: Carry out the Long order with set TP 30% and SL 31%

  • Investment Fund: same TP and SL to Reciprocal Venture but change to Short position.

  • The profit always is 1% and whenever there is a Takeprofit order, the remaining one will be closed immediately.

  • The cash flow from Reciprocal Venture and Investment Fund is rotated logically and brings profit to Investor

There are 4 New Bot Packages

  • None: Profit 6%-8%/month

  • 50% Reciprocal: Profit 10%-15%/month

  • 75% Reciprocal: Profit 15%-20%/month

  • 100% Reciprocal: Profit 20%-25%/month

Explanation: 50% Reciprocal means you need to prepare the ATM amount that has a value of USD and reach 50% value of your investment package, the company will cover 50% rest. Similarly, if you choose 100% Reciprocal, it means you have to spend the whole of the reciprocal venture so that you can get the highest interest rate

=> User may close Reciprocal Venture anytime with a 5% penalty fee for early cancel

Example: For your deposit of 10,000 USDT in the Bot Trade, you have to prepare 10,000 USDT and the ATM amount accordingly:

  • None: 0$ ATM

  • 50% Reciprocal: The ATM amount is $5,000

  • 75% Reciprocal: $7,000 ATMs

  • 100% Reciprocal: $10,000 ATMs

System Modification after the 3rd Generation AI BOT TRADE Applied in Athos Meta

Bot Trade that activated before June 10th/ 2023

  • Company will buy whole ATM from these packages and convert to USDT with the same value at the time of user investment

  • Some OLD packages still get profit until they increase threefold of the capital then these packages will be paused.

  • Due to the cease of Bot Trade version 2, these packages wonโ€™t get profit anymore. To keep this process continuing, we apply the new ratio: 1 New - 5 Old mean users can still have profit from the previous package by taking profit from the New one following 1 New - 5 Old.

  • You need to invest $500 at the minimum to activate the $2,500 value from your previous Bot. The monthly interest rate is from 3% - 15% ( The percentage of profit will be higher and proportional to the system sustainability and the number of new users joining)

  • When ending the Bot cycle, your capital definitely tripled compared to the beginning.

Example: You have 2 previous packages by ATM value$ 5,000 and $10,000

  • Your packages will be automatically converted to USDT value: 5,000 USDT and 10,000 USDT

  • After applying the 3rd generation Bot Trade, these wonโ€™t produce profit and you canโ€™t do anything at this moment

  • You need to open a new deposit of 1000 USDT to activate the package of 5000 USDT and invest newly 2000USDT for 10,000 USDT package activation.

  • You have 4 Bot packages now and get a 5% profit rate monthly and keep this % profit until reach 15,000 USDT and 30,000 USDT for the first and second packages alternatively.

  • 2 new Bot packages ( 1000 USDT and 2000 USDT) continue to turn on Reciprocal Venture to raise maximize interest rate up to 25%/ month, so that reach 4000 USD and 8000 USDT for packages of 1000 USDT and 2000 USDT corresponding when ending the Bot Trade cycle

For the Bot activated from June 10th to June 26/2023

  • Convert automatically to USDT for the package that invested by ATMs

  • Get reciprocal Venture 100% free, this canโ€™t be withdrawn and stuck to the Bot package until ending the cycle.

Bot Trade that will be activated after June 26th/ 2023

There are 4 packages of Bot Trade for users' choosing:

  • None: Profit 3%-8%/month

  • 50% Reciprocal: Profit 10%-15%/month

  • 75% Reciprocal: Profit 15%-20%/month

  • 100% Reciprocal: Profit 20%-25%/month

  • Activate the None Reciprocal in the default way if the user doesnโ€™t know which package suits them

  • Activate/inactivate Reciprocal Venture anytime if needed.

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