A type of direct investment, helping you increase profits


Flexible Bot

Basic bot very suitable for beginners, Funds can be withdrawn at any time.

  • Profit: 6% - 8% / month

  • Min invest: 100$

  • Min invest days: 0 days

Basic Bot

Basic bot package, can be withdrawn immediately after 90 days, with profits up to 8-10%/month

  • Profit: 8% - 10% / month

  • Min invest: 100$

  • Min invest days: 90 days

Medium Bot

Suitable for medium-term investors, capital can be withdrawn after 6 months, extremely optimal profit up to 10-15%/month. After the end of the cycle the profit will be in the range of 60-90%

  • Profit: 10% - 15% / month

  • Min invest: 100$

  • Min invest days: 180 days

Premium Bot

The most advanced bot at Athos Meta, a huge interest rate of 15-20% per month. Suitable for long-term investors

  • Profit: 15% - 20% / month

  • Min invest: 100$

  • Min invest days: 360 days


How to

  1. Click "Bots" from the menu

  2. Click the Create Bot button

  3. Select bot type, balance, enter the amount of Token, and select token of profit.

  4. Click Invest Now button and confirm


  • Fee: current fee is 30$, the fee amount will automatically convert from the selected balance

  • You can invest in multiple packages at once



The profit of Bots will be directly paid to your system wallet automatically.

Withdraw Investment

Withdraw Investment

When the package expires, the "Withdraw Investment" button will light up and you can complete the withdrawal of the principal by clicking this button and confirming.

100% of the Investment will be transferred to the Main wallet

Early Withdraw Investment

Although we do not recommend it, we still offer an early withdrawal function.

This function allows you to withdraw the principal whenever you deem it necessary. By clicking the "Early Withdraw Investment" button and confirming it.

You need to pay a service fee to perform this function

  • 10% of the capital

  • Your profit

  • Commissions for upline

Profit Token

You can optionally choose the token you want to receive at profit by clicking the "Change Token Profit" button, then select the desired token and confirm.


After your investment bots package expires, you can also reinvest if you want, by clicking on the "Reinvest" button in "Action Zone", a modal will appear, then you need to choose a new cycle and click reinvest.


This only works with bot packages that are not "Flexible" type.

There will be a reward when you reinvest.

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